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Franklin I. Vick
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This isn't just some generic "Kick-Punch" martial arts program. Verus Comminus has been proven to be effective for total real-life self defense and is designed with the "Average Joe” and “Regular Jane” in mind.

Verus Comminus takes you deeper than just physical skills by also engaging the emotional, psychological, and behavioral aspects of self protection.  Rather than focusing on situational techniques for specific situations, I provide conceptual tools that you can use in ANY situation.  It is meant for anyone that wants to take action to increase the level of safety and confidence in their life, regardless of your age, sex, or physical ability.  

As a first time client I would like to extend a friendly invitation for you to partake in a full-hour private training session TOTALLY FREE OF CHARGE - no strings attached!  Please call or email me today to take advantage of this great offer at: 250-470-7339.

On top of personal "safe defense" coaching I can also help you to reach your healthy-lifestyle, weight-loss, nutrition, and fitness / conditioning goals.

I am absolutely dedicated to bringing you the very best personal and corporate real-world self defence combatives training.  I can train you in a comfortable and private setting of your choice, coming to wherever you are located, whether it is your own home, office, boardroom, gym, church, hall, park, or other location.  Please call or email me today to book your FREE training session and to ask any questions that are on your mind.

Email or call 250-470-7339 today to set your appointment with Coach Andy!

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"The first right of every human being is the right of self defense. Without that right, all other rights are meaningless."