Repti-Viv Acrylic Terrariums available in Small, Medium & Large

Repti-Viv Acrylic Terrariums available in Small, Medium & Large
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The Repti-Viv is the first acrylic reptile terrarium on the market, you can enjoy a 360 degree view of your pet. Acrylic is the best transparent high polymer material currently available. The acrylic can deliver 92% light transmission rate. The light transmission rate of acrylic is much higher than the light transmission rate of glass.

This terrarium is designed with two large ventilation areas. The ventilation holes are designed to keep a constant airflow within the terrarium.

All reptiles are requiring regular exposure to ultraviolet light (UV The best source of UV is natural sunlight, but the light will be absorbed or reflected by glass. It's only .6% of the UV light can penetrate the glass, Even if a glass terrarium is exposed directly to the sun, 99.4 % of UV light will be reflected by the terrarium glass. In comparison, the acrylic material allows 73% of the UV light. The comparison result indicates that your pet can enjoy the maximum exposure to natural sunlight.

The hardness of the Acrylic is 10 times harder than the glass, but it only weighs half as much. Acrylic has the preeminence of antioxidant ability, so it can maintain in high quality for indoor and outdoor use.  The terrarium is also very simple and easy to assemble and disassemble. All you need is a screwdriver.   They are available in the following sizes,   Small 6"x6"x10" $25.00

Medium 8"x8"x12" $37.50

Large 12"x12"x18" $50.00   You can contact us either by calling/texting 778-932-2027 or by email.   Please also feel free to visit our website or our Facebook page